Thursday, 26 November 2015

November 2015 Working Bee

Six volunteers attended the working bee on Tuesday, November, 24th: Ros, Thomas, Jennie, Ed, Roger and Margaret N. Apologies from John and Ian. We were very fortunate with the weather, it being a sunny, still morning; the next day was hot and extremely windy. In addition to our usual cleaning, watering and weeding duties, we pulled up all the poplar suckers that we could see and replanted the Agave mexicana and planted a ground-cover succulent (not Pigface) in the area where the Pigface was wiped out by a mealy bug infestation.
 We were overjoyed to find the Eucalyptus platypus, (pictured) in flower for the first time since we planted it as a tiny tube stock five and a half years ago.
Eucalyptus platypus, common name:"Round-leafed Moort"is a mallee. It grows 3-8 meters high and is densely foliaged to the ground. It is frost and drought resistant and is tolerant of alkaline soils and smog. I love the unusual shape and texture of the leaves as well as the pompom configuration of the flowers.
The last working bee for 2015 will be held in December; either 15th or 22nd...Stationeers are very busy around that time so we will need to compare diaries. Keep you posted,

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