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h2 style="text-align: left;"> Top Ten Plants

Myoporum petiolatum

Rhagodia parabolica
Shrubs(above)found adjacent to Peppercorn Tree.Both accept well-drained semi-shaded conditions.
Rhagodia spinescens (even tougher plant) being trialled.

Correa glabra
Acacia acinacea

Senna artemisiodes
Coastal Cushion Bush

Dominant shrubs on central embankment in full sun.

Lomandra longifolia

Creeping Boobialla
Ground-cover plants (above) used along the front of the site.

Hop-bush(below left)used as a tall background shrub under the platform wall. All are drought-tolerant. Dianella brevicaulis(below right)grows naturally around rocks,tolerates sun and part shade but prefers some moisture.
Wedge-Leaf Hop-Bush grown against platform wall.

Dianella brevicaulis
(Short-Stemmed Dianella)

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