Wednesday, 22 October 2014

October Working Bee

Lomandra longifolia & Pelargonium australe

Lomandra and Pelargonium flowers

Stipa elegantissima amongst the shrubs

Dianella admixta under the landing
The Melbourne weather forecast for October 14th was for showers, but as is often the case, Flemington missed out so the Stationeers working bee proceeded under an overcast but rain-less sky. Both Margarets, Roger, Anita, Chris, Ros and Thomas were in attendance. We pruned the acacias and various other shrubs, collected rubbish, watered the dry zones under the peppercorn and station landing and pulled out poplar suckers. With a little bit of skillful engineering using a fallen tree branch and garden stakes, Thomas and Roger constructed a rustic retainer on the steepest part of the slope to hold some new plants: Sticky Boobialla (Myoporum petiolaris) surrounded by ground-cover Ruby salt-bushes. Over the coming hot summer the retainer will slow down the water run-off and allow the new plants to become established.