Monday, 26 November 2018

November Working Bees. Flowers for birds and insects

Eucalyptus leucoxylon "Eukie Dwarf"- an important source of nectar for honey-eater birds

Working Bees were held on November 13th and 20th. 
 November 13th: we removed two dead shrubs: Myoporum viscosum (Sticky Boobialla) at the Racecourse Road end and severely pruned another two in the hope of saving them. Generally we pruned and cleaned up the entire embankment;hand pulling out dozens of poplar suckers in the process.
November 20th: we planted Dianella tasmanica and Correa glabra at the Racecourse Road end and new paper daisies: Xerochrysum bracteatum, at the foot of the stairs. A final working bee is planned for Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Xerochrysum bracteatum providing food for native insects: Green Dart butterfly and pollen beetles.