Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Working bee June 16th

Flowering right now providing winter sustenance for honey-eaters
The next Newmarket Stationeers working bee will be held on Tuesday June 16th, commencing at 10:00 am. New members are welcome. Just turn up on the day and register your name.
Meet on the footpath opposite "La Delicatessa" in Pin Oak Crescent. If  light showers are predicted for the 16th, expect the working bee to proceed. However if conditions on the day are really wet the working bee will be postponed to the following Tuesday. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Working bee May 2015

It began to rain shortly before our working bee so the six Stationeers who braved the weather concentrated on the area under the station, which is sheltered. We pruned and cleaned up the overgrowth of the salt bushes and Plectranthus plants and Ian Smith managed to dig some holes in the compacted soil which we filled with water and hydrated water crystals prior to planting aspidistras in the dark areas towards the back of the bed. Meanwhile Thomas planted additional Rhagodia salt bushes at the other end of the embankment under the peppercorn tree and Jennie and Ed did the litter round. Ed continued on to the other side of the station and gathered more litter from the children's play area. At John's suggestion, I emailed Gary Mogford from KABV and Peter Watson from Metro Trains to ask if the disused safety meshing left by contractors could now be removed. It has been there since last year and work on the station has officially been completed. 
Aspidistras-just planted

Since the station landing was upgraded in 2013, there has been no rainfall penetration to that part of the station garden; the floor of the old landing used to leak when it rained. There appears to have been quite a bit of foot traffic through the garden too. Recently hardy Myoporum parvifolium ground cover plants have died and Pig-face has been attacked by mealy bug. The once-healthy Dianella plants are also struggling. We should consider installing a heavy duty watering system under the landing using part of our grant. 

Evidence of garden being used as a short-cut

There will be another working be on Tuesday June 16th or 23rd. The date chosen will depend on the weather forecast. We will be planting a small MVCC consignment of indigenous plants plus more aspidistras and salt bushes as well as reluctantly cutting down the self-seeded River Red Gum that sprang up where the old ramp used to start. Ros
Self-seeded River Red Gum