Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Working Bee, November 11th 2014

Poa Labillardieri
Working Bee Tuesday, 11th: Seven attendees. We pruned the Myoporum away from the rocks and edges of the retaining walls, pulled out poplar suckers, watered, picked up rubbish and weeded. We stopped for a minute's silence at 11:00 am. Later that day Peter rang to inform us that Metro Trains would need to drill some bore holes and an access path would be made for the equipment to move up the slope. Thomas, Margaret N. and I returned and removed some of the vulnerable plants and potted them for future replanting. As November progresses the grasses are developing their decorative seed-heads and the Dianella tasmanica its blue berries.The paper daisies and Wahlenbergia are continuing to put on a good display.

Coastal Cushion Bush, Stipa elegantissima and Dianella tasmanica