Tuesday, 2 September 2014

September working bee

Despite dire weather forecasts the planting conditions were perfect for both plants and volunteers. We welcomed a new Stationeer, Christine Wood and the number of participants jumped to nine after Meegan joined us. All the new perennials (pictured) were planted.They will need some supplementary watering as the weather warms up; the soil was surprisingly dry and compacted in most places.Thomas, John and Roger broke up some of the worst compaction but to make good the new plantings we will need to  improve the soil around them at the next working bee. 

Sticky Everlasting. Prune in Autumn to extend its life.

Tufted Bluebells and Lobe-seed Daisy
Lobe-seed Daisy prefers moister soil than the other perennials planted today.
Clustered Everlasting may sucker slightly and spread. After flowering ( October- March)  it should be pruned severely to encourage new growth.