As it happened 2013

2013: Year of consolidation

Main section of planting.
In January Gary Mogford from Keep Australia Beautiful visited Newmarket Station to inspect the Stationeers work.

Regular monthly working bees were held to maintain the garden and keep the site clean. Two additional planting days were held in autumn and spring to fill in gaps and add some wildflowers.

Stationeers: Ian,Marina,Jennie, Thomas,Roger & John

Jennie using a hose donated by Raelene O’Neill, of the Essential Skin Clinic and Nick Grande of La Delicatezza.

In June we were fortunate to receive a generous cash grant from the Flemington Traders as well donations of hose and reel from Pin Oak Crescent businesses:Essential Skin Clinic & La Delicatezza.

John using new hose
Ed, hunter and collector of recyclables and provider the tap bucket bearing the inscription: "water a plant."

Middle of the site and detail of Pelargonium australe

Views from the north and south ends of the site.

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