Tuesday, 16 February 2016

February 2016 Working Bee

February Working Bee

Only four people attended the working bee this morning: Roger, Ed, Thomas and Ros.One of the changes we noted was extensive die-back of Myoporum insulare ground cover. The photo was taken last year when the Myoporum had been indiscriminately sprayed with Roundup along the footpath edge but now the ground cover is uniformly brown over most of the embankment.The fact that the Myoporum was still green under the Peppercorn tree indicates that perhaps the latest damage is the result of heat or sun damage. However the plants are not completely dead and when the summer is over we will prune them severely with an aim to rejuvenating them.

Although we brought with us 15 plants to fill in the planting gaps along the station under-croft,the soil was so dry that we resisted planting until we can improve growing conditions in this part of the embankment.Without access to rainfall,the existing plants continue to struggle. Thomas measured the site to install a manual watering system with a timer that we can operate between working bees.