Wednesday, 19 April 2017

April 2017 Working Bee

April 2017 Working Bee Report. Perfect weather at last! We commenced at 9.30 am and finished around about 11.15 am. Six attended: Roger, Thomas, Jenny, Margaret, John and Ros. We had one inquiry from a passer-by about joining the group.
Two of the planters containing indigenous wildflowers donated by the MVCC

We pruned the dead foliage on plants under the station, dab-poisoned the poplar suckers and repaired the watering system as well as hand watering and cleaning up a lot of accumulated rubbish including two old laptops someone had thrown over the station fence. There was only time to plant three of the dozen or so plants I had propagated to fill the gaps; more planting in a month's time. Ros
Three new Goodenia ground cover plants to replace dead Myoporum.