Sunday, 5 April 2015

March Working Bee Report

March Working Bee Report

The March 17th working bee was attended by seven members who did some additional planting, concentrating on the Peppercorn tree perimeter and putting back the plants we had lifted from the path of the test drilling equipment last month during restoration work to the station. Melbourne received only half the average rainfall for March and Flemington missed out on most of it, our only significant rain in March was received on March 1st.  Over Easter a couple of dedicated Stationeers watered the the  new plants to keep them going until our April Working Bee. At the same time a lot of bottles and cans were collected and recycled. Discarded food rubbish was picked up and binned. John Wyeth dealt with a European wasps nest but unfortunately the wasps had another entrance to their nest and are still active. Metro Trains have been notified and will organize a pest controller to visit.  Recent rain has come to the aid of plants just in time but a sudden die back of plants under the station landing is a bit concerning. If Stationeers wish to do a bit of extra watering this section may be the place to concentrate on as the Dianella is still alive; just.Our April working bee date has not been set yet.


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