Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Wabi-sabi seat

As we move into winter we notice subtle changes to the weathered old railway sleeper seats; a beautiful transformation as moss and lichen begin to appear on the surface of the timbers. 

What has occurred is an example of the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi: the aesthetic of things impermanent, weathered and imperfect.The moss and lichen enhance the aged, but still strong, red gum timbers; Nature's response to cooler temperatures and rain. Come summer and the patina will change.
I can no-longer contemplate any thought of removing these timbers and replacing them with new. We will have to incorporate the imperfect seat into our new seating design.
For an expansion on the concept of Wabi-sabi go to:


  1. Wonderful post and beautiful photos. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about wabi-sabi!

    1. Dear Desert Echo,
      Your comment is much appreciated.

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