Saturday, 26 April 2014

working bee invitation

Area needing landscaping

There will be a working bee on Monday, April 28th at 9:30 am. April has been a disrupted month, with the East West Link Public Hearings & Easter. This will be the first working bee for nearly seven weeks. We are focusing our planting at the Peppercorn tree end. Meet at the seats pictured. Bring gloves, hand tool and a bucket. It's hard to establish plants in this area because it is both shady and very dry. The peppercorn leaves also seem to contain a chemical that suppresses other plants however experiments with several plants are showing promising results and I have struck some cuttings of those that have worked best. 
There is construction work that needs to be done around the seating area for which we will need to employ a professional. Does anyone know a local builder or landscaper? The plan is to renovate the existing seats rather than demolish and replace them and possibly incorporate the collapsed timber into a retaining edge of a planter box for which we will import some good quality composted soil to plant up with attractive shade-loving foliage plants.

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