Monday, 26 November 2018

November Working Bees. Flowers for birds and insects

Eucalyptus leucoxylon "Eukie Dwarf"- an important source of nectar for honey-eater birds

Working Bees were held on November 13th and 20th. 
 November 13th: we removed two dead shrubs: Myoporum viscosum (Sticky Boobialla) at the Racecourse Road end and severely pruned another two in the hope of saving them. Generally we pruned and cleaned up the entire embankment;hand pulling out dozens of poplar suckers in the process.
November 20th: we planted Dianella tasmanica and Correa glabra at the Racecourse Road end and new paper daisies: Xerochrysum bracteatum, at the foot of the stairs. A final working bee is planned for Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Xerochrysum bracteatum providing food for native insects: Green Dart butterfly and pollen beetles.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Working bee September 18th 2018

September 18th Working Bee:
We haven't had a working bee since May when we took part in the Keep Victoria Beautiful Biodiversity on Pin Oak Festival. That was a very wet day but enjoyable as it was a celebration involving cake and coffee rather than a working bee. Since then weeds, particularly annoying Burr Medic had taken hold in the disturbed soil from our April planting of Dianella laevis on the steep slope south of the station building below the metal support beam. 
Yesterday there were six people in attendance at our working bee: Roger’s deep watering, saved the excellent but thirsty new plants donated by the Moonee Valley Council as part of the seating landscaping. Whilst Roger was busy with the hose down the other end and Ed and Margaret were taking care of litter and weeds, Christine, Thomas and I (later joined by Margaret) concentrated on weeding and inter planting the Dianella laevis near and around the pit south of the Station building. Today we planted 9 x “Sticky Everlasting Daisy” seedlings 3x “Ruby Salt-bushes” and 1x Westringia fruticosa. All the plants we planted today were home-grown and free but planted in $5 holes.We added Zoo Compost to each planting hole and mulched with sugar cane mulch.
Sticky Everlasting Daisy seedling  and Dianella laevis

We also planted 1x "Wonga- Wonga" vine (under a poplar) and 2x Golden Everlasting paper daisies (near the steps) grown from seeds distributed to members by APS Vic; but our “Golden” Everlastings are pink! I grew the Sticky Everlasting seedlings from seed supplied by KVB at the Biodiversity on Pin Oak event that our Stationeers group participated in with Keep Victoria Beautiful last May. The seeds I planted all germinated and ten seedlings survived over winter. Roger also raised five plants from his packet of seeds. We are hoping the daisies will be in flower by the time of the Flemington/ Kensington Community Arts Festival next month.

Seating upgrade

New Seating
Since our last working bee, the landscaped seating area has been completed. Moonee Valley Council’s senior landscape architect Rui Seguchi-Vos’ design is both sensitive and practical and we are very pleased. Her landscape design did not destroy the plants we had already in place and she chose the same plants that we used elsewhere on the embankment for the new planting. There is a continuity with the park on the other side of the Station. Moonee Valley Council paid for and contracted the work on the seating area. People are already using the seats for a quiet rest. Comment: “It’s nice to be able to lean your back up against a support”. The back rests will double as additional seating when a crowd is seated to watch the performances at  the Flemington & Kensington Community Arts and Culture Festival in October.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

April 2017 Working Bee

April 2017 Working Bee Report. Perfect weather at last! We commenced at 9.30 am and finished around about 11.15 am. Six attended: Roger, Thomas, Jenny, Margaret, John and Ros. We had one inquiry from a passer-by about joining the group.
Two of the planters containing indigenous wildflowers donated by the MVCC

We pruned the dead foliage on plants under the station, dab-poisoned the poplar suckers and repaired the watering system as well as hand watering and cleaning up a lot of accumulated rubbish including two old laptops someone had thrown over the station fence. There was only time to plant three of the dozen or so plants I had propagated to fill the gaps; more planting in a month's time. Ros
Three new Goodenia ground cover plants to replace dead Myoporum. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

ANZ Dockland Enviro Volunteers Working Bee

On Thursday September 15th, Newmarket Stationeers received an unexpected boost when five capable and enthusiastic young volunteers from the staff of ANZ Docklands donated their time and effort to our group. They completely spruced up and renewed the embankment garden, including planting strategic shrubs, succulents and shade-tolerant plants to enhance the existing garden. Their help came out of the blue when our  group most needed some additional hands and muscle-power. During the working bee Thomas repaired the vandalized watering system. Newmarket Station garden is ready for summer!
Ros & Thomas surrounded by ANZ Volunteers: Simha, Elizabeth, Gina, Matt & Sylvia; photographed by Ed.

Friday, 22 April 2016

April Working Bees 2016

We conducted two working bees in April to make up for no working bee in March. 

We reinstating drip irrigation under the station on April 12th.

Our original watering system was destroyed when the old ramp, landing and stairs were demolished. Plants were struggling as no rainfall penetrates under the landing.

On April 19th we tweaked the watering system, put some new plants under the station landing and mulched the area.

 Anita, Jennie and Chris got stuck into the pruning.

The whole embankment garden was tidied, cleaned and watered.